Just a Minute…

Recently we received a book at work written by the amazing CEO of Compassion International Wes Stafford called ‘ Just a Minute’.  It speaks wonderfully of how in one moment you can change a child’s life forever.  I know this to be the case in my own life and thought I would share about how my life was changed in a minute…

Just a Minute…

Moments can impact for a lifetime.  One second, one minute, one hour.   Sadly my childhood was filled with few good moments, and many heart breaking ones.  In one hour, when I was 15 years old, I was asked to pack up all my belongings, as I would be going to live with a foster family.  In one moment, my world changed.  I wasn’t sure how long we would be there- at first we were told days.  My life changed in each of those passing minutes.  Minutes turned to hours, to days, to weeks, to months and years, and in each minute my foster family lavished upon me grace, mercy and LOVE.  The type of un-selfish, un-ending, un-reciprocated love that softened my heart and showed me who Jesus is.  It wasn’t just the first minute they decided to take us in, or the many minutes they forgave my offenses, or the minutes they comforted me as I cried looking at myself in the changing room mirror- but every minute after for all these years that they have given me a home, a family, a new start, and in the most practical and sacrificial ways shown me who God is. 

Because I have experienced this; others stepping into my life, it has meant I now have the pleasure of impacting the lives of the children I encounter in the most positive way.  Whether it has been in kids clubs I have run, discipleship groups I’ve lead (where I could tell the kids based on my experience that despite any circumstance God loves them so much), or in writing to my sponsored children and showing them through Compassion how valued they are; I love the idea that I could change a child’s life forever through small simple moments.

It got me thinking about a poem I love by Rob Lacey written a few years ago about what can happen in just One Hour in the UK …

In an hour we make a fifth of a double decker bus, and the tax man takes four million from us.

In an hour 1 million goes to charity, and double that to VAT,

In an hour we’re all another hour old, and the OAP’s are feeling the cold,

In an hour a hundred tonnes of chocolate sold, and the zit attack is taking hold,

In an hour there are 3 accused of rape, We spend a hundred grand trying to get in shape,

We spend the same amount on changing our hair, and over a million on what to wear,

In an hour we smoke 12 million fags, spend 700 grand on books and mags,

Save 600 grand for a rainy day, and much the same amount is gambled away,

Five million people talking on the phone, but no official figures for those without a home,

A hundred people join the dole, we buy 200 grands worth of toilet roll

Seventeen marriages join them down the pan, man blames woman, woman blames man,

That’s 34 people now divorcee, a third on the grounds of adultery,

500 ‘Mayfairs’ leave the shelf, Thirty-One abortions on the National Health,

Two more people amputees, and 100 unwanted pregnancies,

In an hour seventy three meet their final hour

seventy three meet their final hour

seventy three meet their final hour

And here we are

With God’s great power,

Living in

An Ivory Tower. 

I never want to live in an ivory tower.  If all of that can happen in just one hour, imagine the impact all the Christians in the UK could make in that time.  But even if we spare just one minute, just one moment of our time to speak into someones life, we could change the course of their life forever!

What could you do in just one minute, or one hour this week to impact someones life for the better and use your God- given power, influence and love?



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