Fighting For Something…

“If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything”

As a Christian, I am so often challenged to stand for something, to fight against an injustice, to help something; someone.  Sometimes it feels like there are so many injustices to fight against I don’t know where to begin.

One thing I love about God is that He is so good at giving me direction and purpose.  I know I can’t do everything, yet He still challenges me to do something.

I love my job with a passion.  I love the privilege of working for Compassion UK, and knowing that I am contributing in some way to help fight against poverty and injustice, one child, one life at a time.  I love the fact I am able to reach into the life of a child and help them in a simple small way.   I love sponsoring Julio in Peru, and Prity in Bangladesh.  I love knowing that I am fighting in a small yet profound way for their precious lives.

Yet there is still so much more to do.  Recently I watched the film 58 which highlights the injustices in life, yet the amazing power of the Church to overcome.  You can follow them on twitter!/live58now or visit their website to find out more.  It got me thinking about all the issues, and all the ways I could help.

Then in Church last week I heard an amazing talk by Christine Caine (!/ChristineCaine) all about A21 and the work they are doing to fight against human trafficking.  This is something God has really been speaking to me about recently.  So many people think that slavery or the trafficking of people is an archaic practice that was overcome by those such as Martin Luther King Jr.  Yet today there are 27 MILLION modern-day slaves.   That is staggering.  This number floors me because I cannot comprehend how in a world like ours today, that this can be true. And those are just the ones we know about.

Perhaps even more shocking is the fact that 80,000 of these are in Europe!  This is something the Church cannot be silent about.  This is something I cannot be silent about!   I hear statistics like this, teamed with those such as the fact there are 21 Million orphans in Africa alone, and it breaks my heart,  I do not know what to do.

Yet I am also reminded that there are 1 BILLION Christians on the planet, who if mobilised properly would be a powerful force to fight against these injustices.  So, is the Church fighting?   Am I fighting?  Or am I staying silent, like the Church by en large stayed silent during the Holocaust, during wars, during travesties.

In Luke 10v30 the priest and the Levite walked past the hurting man.  Most likely not because they didn’t care, but because they were ‘too busy’ in their own ministries to stop and help.  But like the Good Samaritan, I never want to be too busy.  I want to be moved, interrupted and inconvenienced if it means I make a difference.   Helping that man took the Samaritan’s time, money and resources.  But it was worth it.

Crying and getting emotional about these issues is not Compassion.  Compassion is being moved to do something.   In Luke 30v34 the Samaritan had compassion SO he went to him.  He set him on his own animal.

I watched these videos and I was moved to do something more than just cry over this horrific injustice.  Because this is something that affects everyone; it could be our sisters, our cousins, our daughters, our friends.





Like Moses, we can say so often say “But God…” …I am only a woman, I am only young, I am single, it is too hard.  As if God doesn’t know exactly who we are, how old we are, how capable we are.  I know that my greatest gifts God has given me will never be ‘enough’ to do all He has called me to do.  But He is not looking for super heroes.  He is looking for willing hearts who will let God’s supernatural power flow and work through our natural bodies.

So…what can I do?  What can you do to fight this horrific crime that is often happening right under our noses?

On the A21 website they have a brilliant article about 21 Ways To Help

This can be anything from powerful prayer, speaking out, fasting, buying fair trade products to reduce the demand for products made by slaves (, or supporting financially.  Even this Christmas you could help by buying gifts from somewhere like ‘Heaven’s Attic’ (  a store that give 12% of sales to anti trafficking movements such as A21 and 

One way to help I am passionate about is sponsoring those at risk.  Because poverty is a major contributor that can lead to human trafficking, sponsoring a child or woman in poverty-stricken areas that are also ranked as high origin countries for trafficking can help make a difference. Check out, to see how you can start sponsoring someone in need today!

Please don’t say, I didn’t know, or I don’t know what to do.  Even if it something small or simple there is so much we can do to stand with these women and children trapped in this terrible injustice.   I aim to challenge myself daily too.  To do something, to stand for something, or if not I might as well fall for anything.     x



What Is Love? <3


“Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love.” Hamlet Act II Scene II


I love this quote!  I heard it the other day whilst watching a mushy chick flick and it got me thinking – What is love?

There are so many images of love in our society; shown in films, novels, famous couples, couples celebrating their golden wedding anniversaries, modern day heroes who sacrifice themselves for others.  And then there are so many examples of a severe lack of love.

I see so many examples of love in my day to day life; from my friends bringing me flowers and treats when I’m ill, my sister telling me she misses me, my Compassion sponsored child sending me a beautiful letter, hearing from an old friend, or listening to an incredible love song.

Sometimes experiences of love are far more profound- Being part of a best friend’s wedding.   Holding your baby sister when she is 1 day old.  Having your sponsored child ask you to pray for his family.   Crying with your friend when they are having a terrible time.  Seeing a child at kids club laughing when normally introverted.  Being told you are loved, beautiful and precious.

And sometime experiences of love are life changing – Being able to worship at a best friend’s wedding.  Watching your baby sister seek Jesus.  Seeing 80,000 Children sponsored through Compassion UK.  Praying passionately with your friend who is having a terrible time.  Hearing a child at kids club saying they believe they are loved by God despite their circumstances.  Knowing you are loved because you are taken into someone’s home and cared for, knowing you are beautiful because they still say it when you are stood crying in a changing rooms feeling hideous, and knowing you are precious because you are shown it every day in so many ways.


“There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” John 15:13. 

For me, I never know love exists more truly than when I experience 1st hand the Love of God, and the love that flows from His people.

I believed in love truly the first time I realised just how much God loves me!!  As much as I see good examples of love, I would really struggle to believe in TRUE LOVE without the love that God has for me and the rest of the world.  Our little examples of love are mere reflections of the intense, overwhelming, everlasting love that God has for us!!


What are your experiences of love?  Do you believe in ‘True Love’?  How do you know you are loved?  What is love?


I will end with a verse a friend gave to me.  A promise of love from God to his people long ago, and a promise of love from God to me for today and the days to come…

“I have loved you with an everlasting LOVE, I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.  I will build you up again”  Jeremiah 31:3



Lovely gifts from friends
A letter from my sponsored child Julio
My Sisters Wedding
My crazy Family
Worshipping at my friends wedding

Hello world!

So…I’ve decided to try and blog.  I’m not sure I will do it often, or that it will be particularly interesting or exciting, but I think it will be fun!!

So here is a little hello to get me started.    Hello!! 

Feel free to read my about me if you don’t already know me. 

I would love to blog about what’s on my mind, and encouraging things.  Hopefully I can share a little happiness with those who read this.